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eTraffic Custom Keywords
For customers who wants to ranked their website in major search engines. Customised keywords with search engine positioning.

eTraffic Series - Full Search Engine Optimization Service

This series covers full search engine optimization (seo) process to enable targeted website to achieve High Ranking in major search engines through organic search results.

Search engines remain to be the fastest and growing demand as the most efficient mode of search for anything these days. From supplier of any products to services in your community or international market as large.

So how do you build a website that allows you to create such crowd puller? How can you get your target audience to notice your website? There are millions or websites out there? How is it possible for my website to be Ranked Top page amongst hundreds of thousands competing for golden spot.

Search engine optimisation is a process of preparing your website so that the pages are accessible to the search engines focused on relevant to what your target audience is actually searching for. Our jobscope includes:

  • Analyse website present status
  • Market search behavioral analysis
  • Keywords screening
  • Strategy deployment

Managing Expectations

In today's internet search market has grown fiercely competitive. The more common the keywords or businesses (eg. Travel), the more complex and tedious of processes involved to get within the rankings. We achieve great success in delivering results.

We will consult and raise best recommendations on how you can first improve, enhance and then review your desired online marketing objectives before deployment. It's a crucial part of your marketing plans worth investing.

Be competitive, stay in the race!

In this internet age, being found on the internet is no longer a competive edge. Your business is only joining the race against your competitors who is either already there or whom many will be joining you soon.

However, those who join sooner does have its advantage. We urge business owners never to wait too late as your entry barrier will be getting more costly in the price you have to pay then due to ranking congestion and other factors that influences your online marketing campaign success as follows:

  • Search engine regulatory changes
  • Changing technology
  • Search market segmentations
  • Keywords ranking saturation
  • Keywords monetizing

What do we provide?

  • Website usability strengths and weaknesses
  • Identification of areas where your website is failing to perform
  • Improve website navigational efficiency
  • Keywords set indentification
  • Search engines submission
  • Ranking and performance monitoring

Also taking into consideration of your current competitors analysis, we help make your website business friendly with recommendations should there be short-fall. We have the applications and avenues to further enhance your current positions to greater heights.

What does it cost?

This will vary depending on your website, size, keywords competitiveness, hosting, etc. We still need information about your website to determine seo workload process.

What to know more?

Submit your enquiry to us and find out how your current website fair in our usability performance test rating. The internet community is growing with more suppliers listings are being found everyday. Subscribe to search engine marketing for your company's website today.

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eTraffic Search Engine Optimization Strategy

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eTraffic eTraffic Custom Keywords
For customers who wants to ranked their website in major search engines. Customised keywords with search engine positioning.
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