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Are Your Marketing Strategies consistent with your Website?

A Quick Test for Your Website
1. Can a website visitor get a thorough understanding of your bread-and-butter product/service and reach your contact info page in two clicks or less?

2. Is your website design and content consistent with the quality of your company and its products/services?

3. If you looked at your website and sales materials/brochures side by side, are they conveying a consistent brand image? …
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Innovative Ways to better Marketing

Marketing is a three-syllable word that seems so simple, yet encompasses so much. Marketing is a multi-faceted approach to promoting a product or service. Both traditional and unconventional marketing methods have a place in the small business world. Marketing helps small businesses focus on building their brand and identity.
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Registering Your Domain Name

Registering a domain name is a quick process that often seems complex. It is far easier than most general web surfers suspect. You can quickly learn how to register a domain name with a little forethought.

You need little know-how to register a domain name. Your first task is to find a company that will let you perform a search in what is known as a "WHOIS" database. These databases contains all registered domain names worldwide. Domains that are currently in use will offer the name of the individual or company with ownership. The WHOIS will also tell you if your desired domain is free.
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Some Tips to Improve Slow Website Sales

A new entrepreneur is excited because their website just went live after weeks, or even months, of hard work. But the excitement doesn't last long when they see that they have yet to make a sale. Or maybe they've only made one or two. They're not covering their expenses, and they're certainly not making enough to live on.
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How To Choose A Website Layout

The layout for a website is as important as the content that is chosen for the website itself. This is because the layout decides how easy a website is to navigate and how easy it is to find things on it.

You have probably noticed yourself that there are layouts which are fast and easy to use and ones that you spend more time looking for what you want than it takes to obtain the information once you have found it.
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Creating a Corporate Writing Style

Developing a corporate writing style will unify your company's communications and create a unique 'voice' that enhances corporate recognition and brand awareness. To ensure that your corporate writing style is applied consistently, you need a style-guide.

Writing style refers to the words and expressions - as well as to the spelling, grammar and punctuation - a person uses when writing letters and memos. Each of us has a personal style of writing which, like our speaking voice, is usually recognizable.

To distinguish itself from its competitors your company also needs its own writing style, one that will make it recognizable and enhance brand awareness.
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Website Optimisation Techniques

Apart from well linked building and on-page optimisation, there are some other very important SEO factors which can help your website index and rank in search engine listings. The following techniques are grouped into the category named 'website optimisation' and should not be overlooked when preparing an SEO campaign.
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Taking Your Blog To The Next Level

If you already have your own blog, or are thinking of setting one up, you've undoubtedly read one or more of the beginner's guides to blogging that frequent the Internet. Blog often and provide unique, fresh, entertaining, accurate, and relevant information. That's the content of virtually all of those articles, but this information is only going to get you so far.
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The 10 Step Plan To Successful Email Marketing

When website owners and marketers talk about online marketing, they often refer to SEO and PPC. Email marketing can sometimes be overlooked despite being one of the most powerful methods to reach potential customers and to keep existing customers coming back for more. Perhaps a factor in this is that direct email campaigns are commonly associated with spam emails, but careful list management ensures that this need not be a problem.

There are a number of stages to a successful email marketing campaign and by nailing as many as possible you can improve your results. The key to success, though, most commonly lies in the planning stage - if this is your first foray into email marketing then be prepared to treat it as a test run. The more direct email marketing campaigns you run, the more opportunity you have to optimize the process and improve your results. Here are ten of the most important steps to an effective email campaign.
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Web-Marketing Concepts That Make A Difference

Think Audiences Not Markets What's your market? Hire a consultant to help you with your Web-business problems and one of the first questions he or she will ask is, what's your market? How about eighteen to thirty-four year old, single male college graduates with a dog named Spot; or maybe forty-five to fifty-nine year old married women, who hate their husbands and can't get their adult children to move out of the house. Maybe, just maybe, they're asking the wrong question.
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Don't Get Burned By Web Designers

If you bring up the subject of web design with small business people, it wouldn't take long to find someone who has been burned by a web designer. Perhaps they have even come to the conclusion that a web site is not worth the expense. Let's look at how and why that happens, and outline some success principles that will help you when you need web design services. Since so many web designers get it wrong, the web design principles that actually work may surprise you.
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Expand Your Business With Blogging

Many of the online resources available for your business are usable with no cost and can offer great results. Calculate the ROI on that: small investment (mostly in your time) and great results. Infinite ROI? No, not quite. But as a business owner if you use these available tools correctly it will make a difference in your business.
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10 Essentials for Your Pay Per Click (PPC) Success

Paid search advertising may look deceptively easy to do. Countless times small business owners decide (and correctly so) that PPC is going to do wonders for their business and 'dive' right into it.
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Crucial Components of Web Design

Designing a successful website is no easy task, especially for someone who is new to the world of web development. With the help of web development applications many people can and do create decent websites. But decent in most cases is not good enough to make a site successful from a traffic or financial standpoint.
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Key Marketing Strategies for Web Business Growth

If you expect to achieve sustained growth for your Web business and you don't have a plan in place to get you there, you might as well forget it. Growing a profitable Web Business is a strategic process that requires long range vision, careful planning, precise execution and patience. It's vital that you know exactly what you want to accomplish and that you have a detailed blueprint to follow.
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Why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Matters

If you are not yet aware of its meaning, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Simple enough, but just what is SEO and what is it for? This is a more complex matter. Some companies offer SEP (Search Engine Positioning), its the same procedural technique to raise the rankings of your website.
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